Rich Macy

Chief Operating Officer

Rich Macy - Chief Operating Officer

Rich Macy is Executive Vice President (EVP) of Operations, Technology Services and Risk Management for Life & Specialty Ventures. LSV’s Operations, Technology, Underwriting, Actuarial and Corporate Project Implementation teams report directly to Macy, who reports to CEO Jim Casey.

Macy works closely with the LSV leadership team and LSV Partners to deliver the LSV value, along with each of the operating areas to identify opportunities to leverage technology to improve business processes, deliver superior customer service, achieve scale efficiencies and create competitive advantage. Macy works with LSV’s management team to develop and implement an IT and operations strategic vision focused on those opportunities, creating a clear path forward for our businesses.

Prior to joining LSV, Macy was employed at  Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. of Washington, DC, which insures private sector pension plans, and Automatic Data Processing Inc. of Roseland, N.J.   Within both organizations, Macy assumed increasing levels of responsibility and held positions of Chief Operating Officer, Chief Information Officer, and General Manager. 

He has an MBA in Production and Operations Management from Columbia University and a B.A. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Wesleyan University.