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How many times have you completed a customer survey only to feel disappointed because nothing happened? We’ve all been there. We take the time to pour out our hearts with well-intentioned feedback, but is anyone really listening? 

For USAble Life customers, the answer is an emphatic yes. We are actively listening.

Like other smart, innovative companies, USAble Life regularly surveys customers. But as a progressive company charged with the responsibility of providing for families in times of need, the stakes are higher. At USAble Life, the process of gaining customer insight is a serious business.

“We might think we know what a customer needs, but direct feedback is critical,” said Josh Weaver, USAble Life Vice President of Service.

Weaver leads the Company’s Voice of the Customer (VOC) Program that collects formal feedback from more than 10,000 group administrators every year. New USAble Life groups are surveyed 30 days after they begin working with the company to better understand the onboarding experience. Existing groups are surveyed a few months before their renewal date.

Using tools like Survey Monkey, gathering customer input and sharing it is easy. Though as in golf and in life, the follow through makes all the difference. Lack of a disciplined process to evaluate, respond, and use customer feedback is where many customer insight programs fail. Not so at USAble Life.

Reaching Out Personally to Our Customers

All VOC survey comments are reviewed by the USAble Life Customer Service Excellence Team. The positive feedback, like a recent comment by a Blue Cross and Blue Shield Massachusetts Group “you were just on top of everything” is great to hear. Every business needs validation of what’s working well. In response to surveys with high scores, USAble Life Regional Service Managers reach out with a personal phone call to thank each customer.

However, it’s often the constructive feedback even if it’s not always easy to hear that’s the most helpful for USAble Life business leaders seeking to understand the customer experience better.

“When concerns are raised in the comments, we call the customer directly,” said Weaver. “We want to have that conversation with them because we know it makes a difference. We don’t hide behind email.”

In addition to responding to customers by phone, the team reviews survey comments for trends and common themes that then drive future enhancements. Bank Auto Draft is an example of an enhancement that came about through this process.

“Billing is very important to our groups,” said Weaver. “When customers complained about having to log in and pay online or cut a check, we prioritized that enhancement and made it happen. We now have over 400 groups that take advantage of this service since we started offering it last summer. We really do listen and work to make our products and services better,” he said.

What’s Next: Voice of the Customer for Claims

In response to survey comments about new claims technology, USAble Life will soon launch a Voice of the Customer survey for claimants to gather more information about what would make the most significant difference to our claimants.

“Ultimately, we want to use VOC statistics to establish measurable metrics surrounding the customer experience and hold ourselves accountable down to the claim examiner level,” said Lex Bramwell, USAble Life Director of Claims.

Through Voice of the Customer, USAble Life is keeping the most important conversations going and carefully fine-tuning the customer experience along the way. We’ll keep asking questions and listening, and we hope you and your customers will keep responding. 


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