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Often, the most important question leading up to any successful employee benefits enrollment is simply, “how”? How will employees enroll? Will they enroll online? Will the benefits administrator enroll employees or will they self-enroll? What type of enrollment makes sense for the organization’s size and the technology already in place? It seems like a simple question but the options can feel overwhelming and overly complex. That’s where Gil Barrera, USAble Life’s Enrollment Solutions Manager, and Summer Austin, Membership, Billing, and Enrollment Services Director, come in. Gil and Summer work with groups of all sizes to tailor enrollment technology solutions to make the process easy for everyone.

While technology can never take the place of a knowledgeable person explaining the value of life, disability, and other types of essential insurance protection, enrollment technologies that improve the overall experience for employees, boost voluntary enrollment, and reduce administrative workload are well worth considering. USAble Life offers a range of enrollment technologies from a fully web-based platform where almost every aspect of enrollment and benefits administration happens online in real-time, to simple electronic data transfers for groups that already have an existing system in place. Available to all USAble Life groups, the technologies we offer to support enrollment include:

AccessAbleSM1 — Our newly upgraded online platform that can support year-round benefits administration and annual enrollment for organizations of any size. AccessAble is flexible enough for the group that wants employees to self-enroll or for the group that needs a blend of administrator-controlled and employee self-service options. A fully responsive, mobile-friendly tool, AccessAble features include instant member quoting, online Evidence of Insurability2, on-demand reporting, and a benefits consultant role that allows an agent, broker, or another third party to facilitate employee enrollment.

Outcomes for groups using AccessAble are encouraging. Voluntary enrollment is up as high as 23% for some groups using the optimized platform.

“Our clients are looking for enrollment solutions that are real time, easy to use, and flexible. AccessAble delivers on all of these needs.  We have about 90% of our clients using AccessAble, and we consistently receive positive feedback from our brokers and customers,” said Crystal Holmes, Director of Indigo Insurance Services, LLC, an agency of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

For an AccessAble demo, please contact your USAble Life Regional Service Manager or email

Selerix — Another web-based enrollment solution that supports a wide variety of insurance products, including flexible spending accounts and products offered by other insurance carriers. Selerix can be set up for groups that need to offer a mix of USAble Life ancillary benefits along with other carrier’s products, such as dental.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Feed A popular option with organizations that already have existing payroll and benefits administration systems. Benefits data is securely exported to USAble Life and automatically processed. EDI feeds can be used along with AccessAble and Selerix to deliver the best experience for the customer. For example, one USAble Life group needed to use an EDI feed for everything except Essential Care & Recovery benefits (ECR), and we were able to offer a hybrid solution that was tailored to their needs.

Technology is essential in most enrollment scenarios, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The best enrollment technology solutions make the process easier on everyone and ultimately, support employees in making important benefit decisions. Encourage your groups to reach out to their USAble Life Regional Service Manager or email for an enrollment technology consultation.

1AccessAbleSM is used with the consent of USAble Mutual Insurance Company.

2 Available only in approved markets.




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