1. What is FICA Matching Service?

FICA Match service allows you to shift the responsibility of remitting your employer FICA Match amounts to USAble Life at a reasonable cost included in your disability plan rate. Shifting this responsibility to USAble Life helps you reduce the burden of tax reporting. In addition, USAble Life will print and mail W-2’s to the claimants. You will no longer have to include disability claim information on your 941.

FICA Match service allows USAble Life to pay the employer’s share of Social Security and Medicare taxes (FICA) on Short Term and/or Long Term Disability sick pay benefits.

For more information, Employer FICA FAQ's

2. I am unable to pull up all of my claim information.

Please contact custserv@usablelife.com or call 1-800-370-5856 with your group name and group number.

3. Can my login and password be the same as my other login passwords?

You can use any login and your password can be anything as long as it has one capital alpha, one lower alpha and one numeric.

4. I forgot my password and/or username?

If you are having difficulty with our Employer Registration Login or have questions, please contact custserv@usablelife.com or call 1-800-370-5856 with your group number and group name.

5. What can I access with the Employer Registration?

Please refer to the Online Services page.

6. Where can I find my group number?

It is located in the top right hand corner on your invoice.

7. Why don't I have access to all of the Online Services features?

At this time, some groups are not eligible for all of the self service features. However, many of the tools essential to your benefit administration needs are available, including downloadable forms, disability claims status and product information.

8. Why is my bill showing unpaid past amounts when a payment has been forwarded?

It's possible that the payment was received after the billing cycle.

9. How do I order product brochures for our employees prior to open enrollment?

Contact your USAble Life sales representative.

10. How can I get a medical reimbursement and/or dependent care claim form?

You can download all Section 125 Cafeteria Plan forms and file claims on www.tasconline.com .

11. How do I cancel our group coverage?

This request will need to be submitted on company letterhead and signed by the CEO or owner of the company. Termination provisions within the policy will apply.