How to get an AccessAble account?

It’s easy, register online using the Employer or Broker registration link below and we’ll do the rest.

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How do I add additional users to my online account?

To add additional users send an email to membershipandbilling@usablelife.com telling us who you want to have access and the type of access they should have. We will note your account that you have given permission for the additional users. Have them register online and we will approve their access based on your request.

Register with USAble Life today and take advantage of these benefits:

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With USAble Life Online Services, your employee benefits package becomes just that…a benefit! Online Services was designed to provide a simplified benefit enrollment, and billing process, and remove the hassle of benefit maintenance. From enrolling a new employee to paying their bill, select USAble Life accounts are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What’s more, our enrollment and billing features are real time – meaning once the information is entered, everything is handled then and there, with no wait, and completely secure!

By logging on to Online Services, you can conduct online functions such as those below – even between billing cycles!

X   View group benefits and participation.

X   View and pay bill online.

X   Request a “rebill” (an updated bill) after you make changes.

X   Obtain status of employee short-term disability claims.

X   View medical underwriting status of newly submitted applications.

X   Add new employees – if medical information is required, employees can log in and complete the required forms.

X   Add benefits to existing employees.

X   Update salaries.

X   Update employee classes.

X   Change benefit amounts.

X   Terminate employees

Registering is easy! Simply click on...