Businesses today are faced with multiple threats to their growth and profitability.

X    Our economy has been troubled for a number of years and remains stalled.

X    Health care costs continue to rise while providing less coverage to your employees.

X    At the same time, employees are looking to you to provide the benefits they need to protect their families.


USAble Life can help. When you partner with USAble Life, your employees gain flexible and affordable coverage that protects them, and their families. All at no cost to you. Here’s the support you’ll find with USAble Life:

X    A  full range of group, voluntary, individual and worksite products you can deliver to employees – all at no additional cost to you

X    Customized enrollment, billing and fulfillment services

X    Flexibility to offer the packages that meet your employees’ needs

Innovative Health & Productivity approach that create positive effects on lowering medical costs, disability rates and even sick days and absenteeism