What is Insurance

Insurance is a way of protecting yourself and/or your loved ones from a major loss. Purchasing insurance allows you to pay a lump sum up front or smaller amounts over a period of time which, in return, protect you from major events that can threaten the quality of your life. So if an unexpected accident or misfortune occurs, the insurance company can assist you with getting through the event. Insurance can come in many forms, such as life insurance, disability insurance, accident insurance and much more.


If you have disability insurance through your employer and are then unable to work due to a sickness or injury, disability insurance will pay you a percentage of your salary to help meet expenses and maintain your standard of living. It can help you pay bills like your mortgage, tuition and car payments, and help cover expenses for food, clothing and utilities.

Our Role as an Insurer

As an insurance company, USAble Life’s role is to provide you with comprehensive options to help protect your family by allowing you to build a benefits plan that meets your specific needs.

Our Product Offering 

Our products complement health insurance and protect you in ways that health insurance alone cannot. Whether you have limited or excellent health coverage, you will benefit from the additional protections we offer. Learn more about our products.