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“ We take great pride in our financial strength. It’s important because the promises we make today— to be there, to pay claims in a time of need—really matters. Being able to achieve consistent and solid financial ratings validates the work and focus of our team. It’s all about being there to serve employers and their employees well and in a reliable manner.”
- Mark Langston, Chief Financial Officer

It's about planning and creating solutions that safeguard you and your family from the unexpected...  

Families across our country face significant financial hardship should an unexpected illness or accident occur. You can reduce the financial risk to your family with USAble Life’s benefits, which provide protection and security with cash payments that can be used for living expenses and medical deductibles. These cash payments come directly to you.

Let USAble Life build your financial safety net for life’s unexpected events.

Families face real risks:
  • 1/3 of Americans entering the workforce will experience a disability before they retire.
  • More than 1 in 5 workers will experience a disability lasting 5 years or more (average disability = 2.5 years).
  • 90% of disabilities are caused by illness, not accidents.
  • 50% of U.S. households (58 million) readily admit they currently don't have adequate life insurance coverage - the highest level ever.
  • Workers across every U.S. income group are significantly underinsured and 40% have no life insurance at all.
  • Among those that have life insurance, the majority rely exclusively on their employer for life insurance coverage.