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Why We are the Best: USAble Life Employees Supported Through Life Work Balance

When USAble Life employees, Justin and Brittany Smith, welcomed their first child, Oliver, they had the full support of the company and their coworkers. Brittany says, “We were thrilled to be welcoming our new baby boy into the world, so we were thankful for USAble Life’s generous paid time off (PTO) policy that offered us the flexibility we…

Why We are the Best: Jerald Martin is Making a Meaningful Difference

Jerald Martin, senior director, Underwriting says, "USAble Life’s volunteer time off policy allows me to give back to the community. In addition to taking advantage of this policy to volunteer locally, I also support children and families in need in other countries. Currently, I sponsor children in Columbia, Ghana, Haiti, Tanzania, and Togo, and an…

USAble Life Tennessee Sales Team Shows Gratitude to School Superintendents

As an expression of gratitude to our customers, the USAble Life Tennessee sales team hosted Tennessee school superintendents at a Titans National Football League (NFL) game in Nashville, Tenn., on November 24. For both current and prospective customers, this event was an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about USAble Life products in an…