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Bramwell – Helping to Usher in Positive Change

Lex Bramwell, director of claims, has been a familiar face at USAble Life for two years and is a member of the inaugural inclusion council. And for Lex, being a member of the council means having a unique and important opportunity to usher in change. He said, “I want to play a part in the evolution of this organization.”

Lex has a long history of working to promote change and inclusion. While at Providence College in Rhode Island, he was president of the African American society and a member of the Board of Multicultural Affairs, where he worked to create dynamic programming that showcased the diverse cultures of the student body. As an INROADS intern, intern president, and later alumni president, Lex worked to propel the mission to develop and place talented, underserved youth in business and industry and prepare them for corporate and community leadership. As an employee at The Hartford, he was an active member of Black Insurance Professional Network, Young Professionals, and Woman’s Professional Network ERG’s.

Lex brings his wealth of information to USAble Life’s Inclusion Council. He believes that inclusion means creating an environment where diverse ideas, perspectives, and people can actively cultivate and promote change. Lex said, “We must ensure that teammates feel empowered and comfortable in decisions that impact how we do business and how we engage with each other.” He sees the change towards inclusion as a journey. He said, “No one has all the answers, we won’t always get it right, and it will be uncomfortable. But change happens when people are willing to navigate those uncomfortable spaces. We need each other for this to be successful, so ensuring that our teammates are aligned with our vision helps to support milestones along our journey.”

As Lex noted, “We are navigating a trying period in our country’s history that requires us to be more thoughtful in how we engage our teams, maintain and recruit talent, and create spaces of inclusion.” Lex looks up to Thurgood Marshall and sees him as a hero. Lex was inspired by how Marshall was instrumental in eroding the concept of separate but equal, creating the framework for education reform across the country. Lex would like to teach others that, “Diversity is quantifiable. You either have it or you don’t. Inclusion, on the other hand, is a choice. It is measured by the quality of your discussions and engagement that lead to the execution of change.”

When not working towards awareness of inclusion, Lex is passionate about reducing food insecurities that so many Americans face. For Lex, “Access to food is a basic human need so the gradual elimination of food insecurity is something that means a lot to me.”