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From Customer to Teammate: Kay Mitchell’s Story

When a customer is so impressed with your product or service that they want to work for your company, you know you’re doing something right. Just ask Kay Mitchell. She had such a great experience with a USAble Life customer care representative that she was inspired to work for the company. When Kay joined USAble Life as Florida’s regional service manager in April 2022, her determination paid off.

Kay was introduced to USAble Life products when she was a retail consultant for Florida Blue from 2013 to 2018. “I decided to purchase an accident policy,” says Kay. “It seemed like a great product — I never got any complaints from my clients. A few months ago, I called customer care, and the service representative who answered the phone gave me the best customer service I’d ever received. I thought to myself, ‘Wow. This representative must really like her job and the company she works for.’ I was already in the process of looking for a new position. I didn’t know much about the culture or leadership of the company, so I did some research, and I liked what I found. I decided to look at the career site, found the regional sales manager position, and thought, ‘why not?’"

When Kay got the offer to join USAble Life, she had just started another job. Kay felt bad leaving a position she had just begun, but her new manager understood. “She realized this was a great opportunity,” Kay explains. “Plus, the interview process with USAble Life was awesome,” she says. “We all just clicked immediately. And now that I’ve joined the team, everyone has been just phenomenal.”

The feeling was mutual. “Kay’s experience speaks volumes about the culture of our team,” says Malecia Yancy, partner services manager. “We’re motivated to establish a culture that provides exceptional service. It’s one of the reasons we’re voted Best Place to Work year after year. It’s great to see that the exceptional service we provide entices others to join our team. I’m glad Kay had this experience as a customer, and I’m even more delighted that she’s now part of our team.”

Paying it forward

Given her experience as a USAble Life customer, Kay plans to pay it forward now that she’s a teammate. “Being a service professional, you have to provide excellent customer service because people only buy from people they know, like, and trust,” Kay explains. “If you don’t, they’ll take their business elsewhere. I’m dealing with a lot of brokers and agents now. They come to me with questions, and I’m committed to providing them with the answers they need. I’m also looking forward to traveling throughout the state to help with benefit fairs and training.” While Kay doesn’t know which customer care representative assisted her on that auspicious day, her experience illustrates how much of an impact we can, and do, have on others’ lives, sometimes without even knowing.