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Inside USAble Life Teams

In a new series of articles, Inside USAble Life Teams, we introduce you to some of the key people at the company, shedding light on how their work adds value to our Blue Partner plans. In this issue, we feature veteran product leader, Mike Moroney, who has recently taken on a broader leadership role, and Tom Davenport, who has returned to USAble Life to take over Mike’s previous product leadership responsibilities. The two are in lockstep in aligning USAble Life sales support and product strategy with Blue Plan needs.

Mike Moroney, Senior Director of Sales Enablement

Mike Moroney

Mike Moroney served as USAble Life senior director of life, disability, and supplemental product management before being tapped for the new role of senior director of sales enablement. Mike is working to integrate USAble Life and Blue Plan sales distribution channels, initially by aligning sales training and leveraging packaged product opportunities.

“We want to make sure our products and processes are intertwined with our partners to make the process as easy as possible for Blue reps, agencies, and their brokers,” he said.

Mike will also look for partner integration opportunities for our increasingly popular supplemental products, which USAble Life defines as Accident, Critical Illness, and Hospital Indemnity. USAble Life and Florida Combined Life (FCL) have made many exciting changes in product delivery, compensation, value-added services, policy services, membership and billing, and customer service. Mike will work with partners to ensure Blue reps have the tools to message all of USAble Life and FCL capabilities in the marketplace.

Tom Davenport, Senior Director of Product Management, Life and Disability

Tom Davenport

We are delighted that Tom Davenport has returned to USAble Life to step into the role of senior director of life, disability, and supplemental product management. Tom is working with the product team to build a more competitive life, disability, and supplemental product portfolio.

“One of the reasons I’m so passionate about returning to USAble Life is that I have used these products,” he said. Now healthy, Tom relied on benefits from his disability policy when he was on the waiting list for an organ transplant several years ago.

“These are products that Blue customers need for their financial security,” he added.

Tom will use his operations and technology background to enhance the product development and management process.

“Innovation and agility are success factors in the competitive group insurance market,” he said. “Understanding customer needs and technology from quote, to policy issuance, through claims and customer care is important as we iteratively improve our product portfolio and services.”