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Jason Young — Finding Common Ground to Connect

Jason Young, Territory Sales Manager, has been with USAble Life for nearly six years and brings the experience of working with people from wide and diverse backgrounds as well as having grown up in Hawaii. Jason says, “Growing up in Hawaii, I did not feel like a minority, but I realized that things were different when I transferred to Minnesota and pursued my goal of owning an insurance agency.”

While things may have been different for Jason after moving, he says, “I quickly realized that if I treated people better than I wanted to be treated, the color of my skin or my race didn't matter. I could always find common ground with both customers and coworkers.” He believes that he was able to become successful in his new environment because he took the time to find common ground and connect with others.

Jason says, “I believe that my previous experience provides a unique perspective to the USAble Life Inclusion Council.” Being a member of the Inclusion Council is important to Jason. He says, “It gives me an opportunity to have my voice heard and help to shape the future of USAble Life. I'll do my best to make USAble Life a place where everyone feels they have an opportunity to achieve their personal and professional goals regardless of their background.”

Jason's background helped shape his beliefs about diversity and inclusion. He is greatly influenced by his grandparents, who left Macau, a city on the south coast of China, to move to Hawaii with the hopes of giving their family a better future even though they weren't able to speak the language. For Jason, inclusion means “everyone has a voice and an equal opportunity regardless of their background. Everyone's opinion should be included and considered when decisions are made.” Jason would like to teach others that “We should all have more open dialogue; it will help us to see that we all have more in common than differences.”