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The Fabulous ISMs: Meet the Pros Who Ensure Quality for New USAble Life Groups

Photo (l to r): Implementation Service Managers Alexis Stein, Lawrence Jackson (back), and Tim Pride work wonders behind the scenes for new USAble Life groups.

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.” This quote by St. Jerome is displayed in the office of Lawrence Jackson, Implementation Service Manager (ISM) for USAble Life.

Lawrence is one of a select few who hold the title of ISM, a key new role in place to ensure an ideal onboarding experience for new USAble Life groups. Lawrence shares the role with Tim Pride and Alexis Stein, each working with a different set of Blue partners.

The ISM role at USAble Life has evolved over time to meet the needs of new groups. Today, the position is purposefully broad so that everything required to flawlessly implement a new group goes through this single point of contact.

Think of the ISM like a quarterback, calling the plays and directing the team towards the end zone. The ISM manages throughout the onboarding process to ensure quality on the backend. If multiple internal teams need to be involved, the ISM brings them together. Final quality check is one of the ISMs most important responsibilities.

Throughout the day, Tim, Lawrence, and Alexis are emailing, calling, and instant messaging at lightning speed to make sure the various tasks needed to implement new groups are on track. Among them, eight desktop monitors operate at full speed to power a constant flow of communication and data analysis.

Hear what Mosaic Group had to say about the positive impact the ISMs are having on the service experience of new groups.

“We’ve been piloting this program for several months and have already received incredible feedback from our broker community and our group clients,” said Margaret Smith, Ancillary Sales Specialist for Mosaic Group. “Having a point person at USAble Life that our brokers and clients can have direct contact with helps reduce the amount of time it takes a group to be set up, ensures nothing falls through the cracks, and gives our brokers and clients that extra comfort knowing they have a direct partnership with USAble Life.”

Get the 4-1-1 On Your ISMs

USAble Life ISMs are highly capable professionals who lead new group onboarding. They’re also fun, interesting people.

ALEXIS STEIN: “I’m a talker. I like to be very personal and casual, and I will always work hard to get the best results.”

You might be surprised to know: In a past life, I was a professional actor and singer. I’m also working on a novel and have a blog and vlog dedicated to all sorts of entertainment.

Photo: A Wonder Woman cape appeared out of nowhere on the back of ISM Alexis Stein’s office chair one day. “I don’t know where it came from. I guess it’s supposed to be there,” she said. When it comes to fulfilling the needs of USAble Life partners, Alexis is Wonder Woman. Next to her Batman coffee mug, you can also find a USAble Life Excellence in Action Award.

TIM PRIDE: “I love knowing that when I leave work at the end of the day, our customers are happy and all of their concerns have been addressed.”

You might be surprised to know: I love muscle cars and restored my 1971 Chevelle. I’m also a fan of Discovery and History Channel reality shows. The Curse of Oak Island is a favorite.

Photo: Super Tim is how he’s viewed by many around USAble Life. The comic book-like illustration depicting him soaring high like Superman indicates his colleagues have the utmost confidence in him. Super Tim has good company from a canvas painting with “DAD” written on it, two Excellence in Action Awards, and a Pathways Leadership Program Certificate of Achievement. Three buckets of Halloween candy are not far away.

LAWRENCE JACKSON: “I enjoy what I do, and I look forward every day to learning something new or applying something I’ve learned to a new case.”

You might be surprised to know. I’m from a family of five sets of twins, including my brother and me. I’m also an avid audiobook collector. I have around 100 books and growing. I also like professional wrestling (yes, I know it’s fake!).

Photo: In Lawrence’s office, you might get a glimpse of his Star Destroyer Bluetooth speaker, Darth Vader and Boba Fett figures, USAble Life Adventures Day Trophy, an Excellence in Action Award for his work on the Enhanced Contract Project, and an American flag.
“The Fabulous ISMs” has a nice ring to it. Could it be the beginning of a new USAble Life band? While we’re working on that, we think Alexis, Tim, and Lawrence will stick to their talent for superior communication, stealth project management, and heroic problem-solving. It’s good to know these outstanding individuals are always working in their super-human ways on your behalf.