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Phu Huynh — Turning Good to Great

Phu Huynh, program manager, information technology, is passionate about moving teams and organizations forward. Phu enjoys being able to build deep and meaningful relationships while working towards common goals. He does so through humor and seeing each person’s innate strengths. As a member of the inaugural Inclusion Council, he hopes to take steps towards lasting change.

He says, “As a friend once told me, ‘You can’t complain about how things are if you’re not willing to be part of the things that make the change.’ Thus, I want to be part of the discussions and changes that help to transform our work environment and culture from something good to something great.”

Turning something from good to great — being a maximizer — is at the heart of who Phu is, especially as a manager. Phu says, “I will bring my strength as a maximizer to the USAble Life Inclusion Council. As a maximizer, I seek to elevate the uniqueness of individuals, refine them, and elevate those strengths even further.”

Phu is a third-generation Vietnamese American. There were some obstacles he had to overcome along the way, but he was influenced by his grandfather for his perseverance. Perseverance, he says, “that lives through me.” Phu says, “I am in the first generation of my family to graduate from college. I had to learn many basic concepts on how to negotiate and interview for positions in the job market.”

Diversity and inclusion can mean different things to different people. For Phu, however, diversity and inclusion mean that you have a seat at the table regardless of who you are. He says, “You matter.”