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Shane Loftis — Looking to Help Others Find Their Voice

Shane Loftis, director, group and member services, defines diversity and inclusion as “allowing people to be who they are without fear or judgment, celebrating the unique qualities of our differences, and helping people find the power in their voices.” If there was one thing he could teach others about diversity and inclusion, he says it would be “that it takes courage to be the person you were born to be. Finding your voice is powerful.”

“As a member of USAble Life's Inclusion Council, I have an opportunity to make a positive impact towards change,” says Shane. Being a part of the council allows him to create meaningful partnerships and relationships. Shane says, “It also lets me undertake important activities towards change while being an advocate to create an inclusive culture and holding others accountable to this commitment.”

As he progresses on his diversity and inclusion journey, Shane wants to learn more about the personal experiences of others — their struggles and accomplishments as they relate to diversity and inclusion. He says, “I want each person I come into contact with to know I will listen and advocate so that we can see those positive shifts not only in our work culture but our day-to-day lives.”

Shane says that if there was one thing in the world he could change, it would be “that we would celebrate our differences rather than ridicule others for them.” Shane finds inspiration in his 13-year old niece and 24-year old nephew, who both openly discuss diversity and inclusion issues and how they approach such important topics. He says, “It makes for great dinner conversations across three generations.” If he could invite one person to the dinner table to join in these discussions, it would be his mother. Shane says, “My mom always supported who I was, and I would love to have a conversation with her on what the past 18 years have been like without her. I know she would be proud of my family and me.”