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USAble Life Tennessee Sales Team Shows Gratitude to School Superintendents

USAble Life Tennessee sales staff and school superintendents at a Titans National League (NFL) game in Nashville, Tenn.

As an expression of gratitude to our customers, the USAble Life Tennessee sales team hosted Tennessee school superintendents at a Titans National Football League (NFL) game in Nashville, Tenn., on November 24. For both current and prospective customers, this event was an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about USAble Life products in an informal setting.

“At USAble Life, we are strongly committed to supporting teachers and school districts around the country," said Geoff Haussin, regional vice president, sales. “We value these relationships and constantly seek feedback to ensure we are providing the best services to meet their needs. We also wanted to use this time to express appreciation for the hard work the Tennessee superintendents do each day in supporting students, teachers, and administrators in their district."

The event also provided our guests with an opportunity to network with other superintendents from across the state and was considered a win by all who attended.

“Through the Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents, we offer USAble Life plans to school districts in the state of Tennessee," said Dale Lynch, executive director of the association. “Since I formerly worked as a school superintendent, I’ve worked with the fine folks at USAble Life for a number of years. USAble Life has been a great partner, providing coverage, service, and support. We are very pleased with the services they offer to school districts and superintendents.”