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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does my beneficiary file a claim?
  • Download the Proof of Death form, complete the Authorization to Obtain Information and Beneficiary’s Statement, and return directly to USAble Life along with a copy of the death certificate. Our Customer Care team at (808) 538-8920 or toll-free (855) 207-2021 will help your beneficiary through the process.
2. Is an original death certificate required?
  • An original death certificate is not required unless the EUTF Member passed away outside of the United States.
3. Where does my beneficiary send the claim documents?
  • Please send the completed claim form and copy of death certificate directly to USAble Life by mail to P.O. Box 840, Honolulu, HI 96808-0840; fax to (808) 538-8932; email to EUTF.claims@usablelife.com; or drop off at our office located at 201 Merchant Street, Suite 1500 in Honolulu.
4. Do I need to complete a USAble Life Beneficiary Designation Form?
  • Not necessarily. If you previously completed a beneficiary designation form, the information was transferred to USAble Life and your designations are still valid. Complete a new form if you need to designate or change beneficiaries.
5. What happens if I do not designate a beneficiary?
  • If USAble Life does not have a beneficiary designation form on file, or if you do not have a surviving beneficiary, the benefit will be paid according to the provisions stated in the policy.
6. May I name a minor as a beneficiary?
  • Yes. Please be advised that if a beneficiary is a minor, a property guardian for the minor may need to be appointed by the courts before proceeds can be paid.
7. May I name more than one beneficiary?
  • Yes, you may name more than one beneficiary. If more than one beneficiary is designated, the proceeds will be paid in equal shares unless otherwise noted on the beneficiary designation form.
8. Are my spouse, partner and/or dependent children covered under the USAble Life plan?
  • Life insurance benefits through USAble Life are only for EUTF members. Your spouse, partner and/or dependent children are not eligible for the Life benefit.