Driving the Evolution of Care

Driving the Evolution of Care

Driving the Evolution of Care

Dental4Health strengthens both the medical and dental offerings of our health plan partners.

Leading-edge Medical-dental Integration Delivers Unmatched Value

There’s an undeniable connection between oral and overall health. Conditions such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, stroke, and head and neck cancers are closely tied to an individual’s dental health.

USAble Life’s dental clinical team understood this connection early on. Because of our long-standing relationships with our Blue Cross and Blue Shield health plan partners, we were uniquely positioned to launch our Dental4Health® program in 2013. For nine years, we’ve provided proactive, cost-effective care through collaborative programs with our Blue partners that improve the overall health of our members.

As the go-to ancillary partner for Blue plans, we’re able to integrate faster, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively. Our expertise at medical-dental integration improves the health of Blue medical and dental members and reduces medical-related expenses.

Better Health for Members and Lower Medical Costs

Dental4Health showcases our ability to deeply integrate with Blue medical plans. We use medical diagnostic coding from our partner health plans’ claims data sets to proactively identify members with chronic medical conditions that are closely tied to dental health. These members are automatically enrolled in the program. Once enrolled, they have access to Evidence-based Dental BenefitsSM that can help them manage their medical conditions and achieve better overall health.

The reduced morbidity of patients across all age groups resulting from improved dental health has been demonstrated by lower hospital admissions and emergency department use rates. Our studies show that program participants incur significantly reduced health care costs when they follow the program’s preventive care protocols.

Empowering Whole-person Health Management

Dental4Health is based on data-driven, targeted outreach to members, as well as alignment and integration of care coordination and provider delivery systems. This increases dental compliance, resulting in improved health outcomes and reduced medical costs while allowing health plans to focus on running their core businesses and keeping members satisfied.

Put Us To Work For You

Dental4Health strengthens our health plan partners’ medical and dental offerings, providing a valuable competitive advantage.

We’ve successfully created integrated programs for partners throughout the country; it is currently implemented through the Oral Health for Overall HealthSM program in Florida, the Oral Health for Total HealthSM program in Hawaii, and the Dental XtraSM program in Arkansas. Our team is ready to help additional Blue plans and their members benefit from Dental4Health.

To learn more about our program, feel free to contact us.