An Open Letter to Blue on the Power of Partnership

An Open Letter to Blue on the Power of Partnership

An Open Letter to Blue on the Power of Partnership

Blue plans need to show up with new strategies to make an impact on their clients’ business


Proving it by living it

“Partnership” is a word you frequently hear in the business world.

Although it may have lost its meaning through casual overuse, to us, “partnership,” as we define it at USAble Life, hasn’t lost its value. In fact, it now has more value than ever.

USAble Life’s team of industry experts is dedicated to being a strategic ally to our Blue Cross and Blue Shield partners, bringing together the right high-value ancillary solutions to satisfy the needs of both their groups and members, helping to earn and retain more business. In this highly competitive market with emerging competitors, you need to offer a comprehensive benefits solution while also focusing on delivering top-notch health plans. Working alongside you, let us plan, build, and run an ancillary suite of products that ties closely to health — so you have the capacity to achieve more.

Taking on today’s environment

Let’s face it, the health insurance market for Blue plans isn’t an easy place to navigate these days. The challenges are many:

  • Blue plans are facing increasing competitive challenges and battling against emerging innovators
  • Blue plans need to show up with new strategies to make an impact on their groups’ business
  • Groups are looking for new solutions to lasting benefit challenges — how to prioritize the needs of their employees while lowering costs
  • Members are searching for high-quality benefits that are also easy to use
  • Members are increasingly looking outside of their health plan for solutions and don’t think their health plans will be the ones to provide new ideas

Born Blue, still Blue

USAble Life was born for and out of parts from Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans — core to our values is living the Blue Cross and Blue Shield service heritage. It’s why we exist. And that’s why we fundamentally know the Blue Cross and Blue Shield business like no one else, which allows us to deliver real value that’s more critical than ever.

Our tailored solutions deliver competitive advantages that matter most to Blue plans:

  • Compatibility: Being focused on Blue partners allows us to create truly integrated products ensuring that medical and ancillary works together.
  • Interoperability: Operational processes and system compatibilities that are tailored for each Blue partner enable easier connections and minimize work for our partners.
  • Accountability: Partnership means measuring success by holding ourselves to partners’ most important metrics like member health and satisfaction, revenue, growth, persistency, and retention.
  • Reliability: Partnership isn’t just in key moments; it’s about anticipating needs every day. Setting up proactive governance processes, creating aligned operating processes, supporting marketing and sales, and supporting Blue plans are all in a day’s work.

Turn partnership into a business asset

In short, a true business partnership makes you better, stronger and more relevant in a competitive marketplace. We’ll provide access to knowledge, skills, and experience you won’t find anywhere else. Let USAble Life be that partner who empowers you to do great things.