Structured To Succeed

Structured To Succeed

Structured To Succeed

Our Strategies To Drive Value For Blues

At USAble Life, “partnership” is more than just a belief — it’s how we operate. Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans have been at our core since the beginning, and our commitment to being a seamless partner in your business remains steadfast. Our thoughtful, structured approach delivers value to your bottom line with no additional complexity for your sales team. We are focused on a shared role in the health care ecosystem — to improve the health of your members and to make a positive impact on their lives.

Simply put, our dedication to Blue plans means success for you, satisfaction for your customers, and a commitment to the well-being of your members.

Need a reason to believe in us? Here are six powerful ones.


Strategic Alignment That Powers Deeper Connection

We make it a point to know what’s important to you and your members and align on all organizational levels to deliver. Strategic alignment is our starting point for making our business work for yours.

We connect on:

  • Offering complementary product design strategies — building tangible solutions to your objectives
  • Being aligned in underwriting practices — creating consistency in business operations and member experience
  • Offering coordinated sales and growth strategies — catalyzing your revenue opportunities
  • Providing efficiencies in enrollment, billing, and more — making our partnership easy to implement and easy for your members

Competitive Advantages That Power More Wins

Today’s environment for Blue plans is highly competitive. The strength of your total benefits offering and its impact on your membership has never been more important.

We work to better your competitive position by:

  • Focusing on creating highly satisfied groups and members
  • Turning satisfaction into deeper, more persistent member relationships
  • Providing product offerings that differentiate you from integrated carriers
  • Diversifying revenue streams
  • Increasing profitability

Integrated Benefits That Power More Possibilities

We believe in the power of aligning our dental and supplemental products to your medical products. By closely complementing benefits, we’re able to deliver a more powerful offering for your groups and prospects, create a more streamlined experience, and, most importantly, advance the health and wellness of members.

Because our products are designed specifically with Blue medical plans in mind, we can achieve:

  • Improved member health outcomes
  • Streamlined member experience
  • Streamlined customer experience
  • Optimized operational efficiencies

Operational Alignment That Powers Ease of Use

In short, we do it your way. We build our operations with your priorities in mind, so you can focus on your business while we handle the critical details.

We create ancillary products aligned to your needs through:

  • Underwriting process
  • Claims system and security alignment
  • Data analysis and predictive modeling
  • Robust reporting and ongoing governance

Proactive Approach That Helps Power More Sales

We set up your sales team for success with a tailored, simplified approach that works for your brand and objectives.

We are on-site in your market to support you with:

  • Comprehensive sales training
  • Proactive, customized sales tools
  • Nimble co-branded supplemental, life, and disability and Blue-branded dental go-to-market approaches
  • Marketing coordination and member communication campaigns

Active Partnerships That Power Results

Talk is cheap.
Results speak volumes.

We make ourselves accountable to your success by holding ourselves to several important, measurable commitments that include:

  • Quarterly performance scorecards
  • Customer retention and growth
  • Membership growth and retention
  • Investments in system enhancements
  • Impact on health and financial wellness

These days, everyone can call themselves a “partner.” But USAble Life powerfully proves it with decades of partnerships with successful Blue plans.

When you’re ready to provide better, complementary supplemental solutions for your customers, let’s start a conversation.